About Us

BLK Alchemy is for Black Women & Femmes
BLK Alchemy is a plant-based sensual wellness and body care brand on a mission to affirm Black Women and Femmes all over the planet. We inspire radical self-care and liberation by helping our community positively connect with their body through intentionally-designed products.

After three years of perfecting our formulations with ethically-sourced and sustainable ingredients that we can stand behind, BLK Alchemy launched on the Blackest day of the year: Juneteenth.

Black Women Deserve Sensual Wellness
We chose Juneteenth to affirm that as Black Women and Femmes, our well-being, joy and pleasure are invaluable. Everyone deserves intentional, plant-based body care products created with their safety and sensuality in mind. And BLK Alchemy takes a sensual and holistic approach to body care, we don’t ignore the parts of our bodies that society has labeled “private”.

Instead we seek to inspire folx to live a delicious, enchanted life of simple luxury and pleasure. With radical self-love, erotic freedom, and connection to the natural world.

The Alchemist Behind BLK Alchemy

tia marie is a creator who can’t stop creating. She’s a Storyteller, Consent Advocate, Intimacy Co-ordinator, and Certified Hedonist. She’s also the Co-Founder of Sex Down South Conference, an intimacy conference created for BIPOC and LGBTQIA folx who want to explore sex as a tool for liberation. The lockdown and social distancing of COVID-19 put a pause on big events, but tia missed connecting with her community, so she started working on other ways to serve them.

Under the thumb of isolation, she became an alchemist and began developing products that harness the power of self-intimacy and can be incorporated into a sustainable self-care plan. Now three years later, she’s running BLK Alchemy as a beautiful intersection of Blackness, femininity and sensuality outside of the binary lens that typically clouds our view