EP 10: Goody Howard, MSW, MPH - S3x Ed Superhero

Honoring this weekend's @sdscon 2023  extragavanzaaaaa, we go into our Sex Down South 2022 archives to finally release the episode featuring Sex Educator, Speaker, and Consultant Goody Howard, MSW, MPH. Goody's business is divided between pleasure development - sexual skill building workshops and a digital retail shop of carefully curated pleasure tools, and professional development - business consulting and training for sexual health and pleasure professionals. 

Through her education, Goody aims to close the pleasure gap (In cis-het relationships, only 39% of women orgasm regularly compared to 91% of men) by training people to separate pleasure from sex so that the pleasure can come out on it's own.  

At @sdscon 2022, she taught a workshop called Sensual Intelligence, which she defines as "experiencing non-sexual pleasure through all six senses." By being "pleasure in action", she teaches that sexual pleasure will naturally become more accessible.  We chat about the different ways humans can have sensual moments to stay connected to their own sensuality and spread love. 

Following her workshop, she taught her popular RIDEology class which aims to help one perform with "confidence, control and stamina." We laugh about ways she wards off the trolls, hecklers and unserious sillies in her educational spaces as she clarifies what happens in her skill building workshops.

Goody's RIDEology classes, adult toy store, and merch (Goody Gear), can be accessed at: https://www.askgoody.com/

Enjoy the episode!
NSFW, Inappropriate for children.

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