Ep. 9: Dr. Clarissa Francis, H.O.T. Girl Movement Scholar-Activist

#Hotgirlsummer and #theageofpleasure are upon us!!

In this week’s episode, I chat with Dr. Clarissa Francis, Jamaican-American H.O.T. Girl Movement Scholar-Activist and Black Sexuality Education Consultant. Dr. Francis coaches, teaches, and lectures about topics pertaining to BLK sexual and energetic healing and pleasure. The Cleveland native holds a doctorate degree in Human Sexuality and wrote her dissertation on the “Hot Girl Movement” which celebrates 3 components - bodily autonomy (My Body), sexual agency (My Choice), and sexual pleasure (My Pleasure). She shares “everything I do is for the healing of BLK folx!” as we discuss breaking generational curses and the hypocrisy and misogynoir so rampant in mainstream Hip Hop culture.

Dr. Francis’ work can be explored here.

This episode is NSFW. Parental discretion is advised.

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Listen to Episode here.

Published on August 2023


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