EP.2 BLK Alchemy The Podcast: Ashley, Cast Member of TLC's 1000 Lb. Best Friends

On episode 2 of BLK Alchemy - The Podcast we feature reality star Ashley Sutton of TLC's  1000-Lb. Best Friends. We discuss vulnerability, depression, seeking therapy, weight loss/health journeys and what it was like to attend her first Sex Down South workshop, led by a familiar face - a former Spelman classmate. She shares her experience going through such a private yet common battle (sustained weight loss) in the public eye and making oneself vulnerable to judgement and personal attacks and how going through this process with supportive friends has made it is easier and more rewarding. We talk about how traumatic it is to attempt to adhere to societal beauty standards, what it's like to fail and gather the courage to ask for help and examine if these types of reality shows do more harm than good. Enjoy! 

BLK Alchemy is a plant-based body care and sensual wellness brand.

As a brand, we want to lead as an authority on intentional living and consumption. With this podcast we’ve created a safe space for conversations on how BLK femmes can alchemize connection, pleasure, and freedom. Our mission is to uplift, educate and empower listeners on pursuing optimal well being and success.

Celebrate being alive. Alchemize sensuality and love everyday.


Published on November 2022


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