EP.3 BLK Alchemy The Podcast: Sexologist + Tantric Healer Devi Ward Erickson

This episode features a conversation with  Devi Ward Erickson, Founder of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, the first and only government-accredited professional training institute using the Tibetan Five Element Tantric practices for holistic sexual healing. She is also a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and accomplished practitioner of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. 

She offers workshops, retreats and courses for people to help them honor their sexuality as sacred, use pleasure as medicine to "awaken more joy, pleasure, more connection, and more LOVE in every area of life."

Learn more about  Devi's work at:

This episode is NSFW. Parental discretion is advised. 

BLK Alchemy is a plant-based body care and sensual wellness brand.

As a brand, we want to lead as an authority on intentional living and consumption. With this podcast we’ve created a safe space for conversations on how BLK femmes can alchemize connection, pleasure, and freedom. Our mission is to uplift, educate and empower listeners on pursuing optimal well being and success.

Celebrate being alive. Alchemize sensuality and love everyday.


Published on December 2022


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