EP.7 BLK Alchemy The Podcast: Dr Rose Schlaff, Intimacy Coach

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Rose Schlaff, a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic and sexual health and an intimacy coach. In her practice she teaches women and femme leaders how to connect with their bodies and partners to have more fun and ease during sex. Recorded on the first day of the Sex Down South conference 2022, we chat about the workshops she taught - "Playing with Power Dynamics" and "Pelvic Floor Power: How to Have More Powerful Orgasms and Heal Your Back Pain." 

We discuss societal hierarchies in power and how to stay safe engaging with those who may have more of it than you be it gender identity, biology, sexual orientation, or race.  Dr. Rose also shares the physical and psychological reasons women/people with pelvises experience pain when having penetrative sex and some of the positions, strategies, and support aides (i.e., BLK Alchemy DRENCHED Pleasure Serum, launching very soon) that can be used to alleviate pain and discomfort. 

If you are interested in improving the strength of your pelvic floor to enhance pleasure and/or interested in Dr. Rose coaching you, get in touch with her at bewellwithrose.com. 

Sex Down South is coming to sexy Miami, July 8, 2023!!To attend similar workshops on how to alchemize pleasure, tickets can be purchased at:

NSFW. Parental discretion is advised.

BLK Alchemy is a plant-based body care and sensual wellness brand.

As a brand, we want to lead as an authority on intentional living and consumption. With this podcast we’ve created a safe space for conversations on how BLK femmes can alchemize connection, pleasure, and freedom. Our mission is to uplift, educate and empower listeners on pursuing optimal well being and success.

Celebrate being alive. Alchemize sensuality and love everyday.

Published on May 2023


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