EP.6 BLK Alchemy The Podcast: Naimah Jabalin-Nash, Producer of 1619 Project Hulu Docu Series

This episode features a conversation with my dear sister and friend, Naimah (@Boogie85) who is an Emmy-award winning tv/film producer and storyteller and a producer on the Pulitzer Prize winning project created by Nikole Hannah-Jones in partnership with the New York Times Magazine. The Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for the essay cited her “sweeping, provocative and personal essay for the ground-breaking 1619 Project, which seeks to place the enslavement of Africans as the center of America’s story, prompting public conversation about the nation’s founding and evolution.” In October 2020, New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute named the 1619 Project one of the ten greatest works of journalism in the 2010–2019 decade. (Wikipedia)

We discuss her career in production, what inspires her and how important representation is when telling the stories that matter. She shares her views on what elements of storytelling are BLK and how we can share the truth about our experiences in this country, how the BLK community is not a monolith and we deserve to tell our stories from our perspective with a narrative that is positive, hopeful, and truthful.


The docuseries is available for streaming on Hulu.com. Watch the trailer here. Also available on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Photo credit:  Sean Watters

Naimah’s social media:

Instagram: @Boongie85

Twitter: @GolfNtheCity


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As a brand, we want to lead as an authority on intentional living and consumption. With this podcast we’ve created a safe space for conversations on how BLK femmes can alchemize connection, pleasure, and freedom. Our mission is to uplift, educate and empower listeners on pursuing optimal well being and success.

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Published on March 2023


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