EP.4 BLK Alchemy The Podcast: Niambi Cacchioli, Founder of Pholk Beauty

For our Black History Month episode, we chatted with  holistic care for melanin-rich skincare brand Pholk Beauty founder, Niambi Cacchioli. Niambi is a 5th generation Kentuckian farmer,  esthetician, African and Middle Eastern historian/scholar, wife, mom, and beauty activist! 

Her calling is to welcome women of color into the natural skincare space by thinking about both lifestyle and skin needs and crafting a brand narrative that celebrates women of color as innovators of culture. She has set a goal for the brand to source 40% of raw ingredients from US-based BIPOC and women-owned and led farms within the next few years. 

We take a deep dive into her journey from professor to beauty boss lady and the wonders and benefits of melanin. 

Available at JC Penney, Goop, Credo Beauty, and BLKgrn.com.

BLK Alchemy is a plant-based body care and sensual wellness brand.

As a brand, we want to lead as an intentional living and consumption authority. With this podcast, we’ve created a safe space for conversations on how BLK femmes can alchemize connection, pleasure, and freedom. Our mission is to uplift, educate and empower listeners on pursuing optimal well-being and success.

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Published on February 2023


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